Online Giving is an internet-enabled method of giving to the church or submitting payments for events and materials through automatic withdrawals from a checking or savings account. Online giving is convenient, safe and secure. There are two primary forms of online giving. But first…

Why Online Giving?

  • Many people don’t carry cash or use checks anymore because of the proliferation of credit and debit cards and online bill pay. Online giving allows for you to give to Five Rivers in a way that is consistent with the way that you are probably already using your finances.
  • With online giving, you can set up recurring payments to help create consistency and discipline.
  • You can give 24/7, not just during church services. 
  • Automatic bill pay or recurring contributions from your debit card really help Five Rivers cash flow especially during the vacation months of Spring and Summer when attendance tends to decrease yet church activities continue.

Online Giving Option #1: Click here to Give Now

  • You control HOW, WHEN and WHAT.
  • How: You have the option of giving with a credit or debit card. This may allow you to take advantage of card issued rewards or other card holder benefits.
  • When: You can give 24/7.
  • What: You can give your offering or make payments for church events such as camps or retreats, and materials like you would with any online vendor.

Online Giving Option #2: Automatic Bank Bill Pay

  • To set up an automatic bank bill pay you will be required to contact your banking institution directly; logging on to the bank website is the most convenient but a phone call or visit to the bank may also be an option. They will provide step-by-step instructions.
  • Your bank will most likely require some or all of the following information about Five Rivers:
    • Name: Five Rivers, An Assemblies of God Church
    • Address: 290 Whitehall Rd Elkton MD 21921
    • Phone Number: (410) 398-4234
    • Account Number: no account information is required
  • You can set up a one time payment in an amount of your choosing or set up recurring payments. You choose the frequency of payments and when during the month the payments are made. Most banks send email reminders. Payments can be changed or stopped at any time.
  • Five Rivers does not need to be informed in advance that an automatic bill pay has been established. At the appropriate time the bank will forward the payment to Five Rivers, either electronically or via paper check.