We love our church. We love the congregation the God has given to us. We love the community that the Lord has built here. However, that statement is a misnomer. This is not our church. This is the Church of Jesus. Jesus LOVES HIS CHURCH. We have been called to go into all the world and preach the Good News. As pastors we are to equip the saints to fulfill the calling of Jesus. To that end, our Buildings and People need the tools to reach our world for Jesus. Thus “i love my church” was born. 


The goal of the campaign is to provide contact points for our congregation to get behind the vision of the staff of Five Rivers in remodeling our facilities, securing our Kids and Student Ministries, and furthering our internet presence. 


When guests arrive on our property at Five Rivers, we are inviting them to our home. While it is not our physical home, this is the place where we worship, where we hear the Word of God, where we meet other believers, and where the lost become the found. 
If our living room at home was in need of mending, or our bathrooms were embarrassing, or our kids rooms, play rooms were in need of repair, we would do whatever was needed to overhaul them. Our living room, bathrooms, and playrooms of Five Rivers are in desperate need of repair. 
Security is on the mind of every single parent in our community. The tragedies at Sandy Hook, and the stories on the 24 hour news cycle give us little hope. But rest assured the security of our children should be on the mind of every leader at Five Rivers. We will provide a safe place for parents to bring their children. To free them from fear so they can be open during the service for God to speak to their hearts and change their lives. We are on our way to providing a safe place. All of our workers are skillfully trained, and background checks have been run. New parents need the confidence that their kids are safe.
The world in which we live is an ever changing place. And it is changing at an unprecedented pace. We are no longer in Mayberry. Nor can we ever go back to Mayberry. Our world is an increasingly connected place. Not only do most of us have a computer in our pocket at all times, even our home appliances are connected. To this regard, Five Rivers has made a concerted effort to spread the Gospel of Jesus across this world via the internet. But that is not enough. We need to use every angle and hook to reach our world. 


A two pronged approach.
    Facility Improvements
        Desired Upgrades
            - Sanctuary Foyer - Ceiling
            - Sanctuary Foyer - Remodel
            - Bathrooms Both Buildings - Remodel
            - Lighting - All buildings, energy efficient LED, low energy
            - Lettering on both buildings to reflect our new name
            - Fully LED Sign on 213
            - Signage on all buildings, and classrooms
    Nursery/Security Changes
We recognize the number 1 priority parents have in looking for a church is “what is there for my children” We desire for these parents to be put at ease when they reach our campus. Their children are secure, they are loved and they are being ministered to. In order to fully secure the nurseries and kids church areas of Five Rivers we will need to remodel the Nursery, the hallway outside of the Nursery and the Foyer in the Gymnasium building. In addition to that we are looking at a two faceted security system/Camera System for the Nursery and Kids Church areas. 

Planning Center Check In is a child safety service that allows parents to securely drop their children off, and insure that only authorized individuals pick their children up when the service is complete, offering parents the piece of mind their children are safe, and being cared for. 

Dropcam cameras are easy to mount, and allow parents and staff the ability to check in on any of the kids area rooms via our website by using a password secured page to each of the rooms. These passwords will be changed on a regular basis and only given to parents with children utilizing these areas.

Outside of the home
    Internet Evangelism and Outreach
Romans 10:14 Paul says, “How will they hear without a preacher?” We have a Commandment by our Lord to GO into all the world and share the Gospel. To reach our community we must go where they are. 

76.8% of the North American population has high speed internet in their home. 70% of them use the internet everyday. The number of internet users has grown by 566% since the year 2000. 38% of media interactions each day are on smartphones. 
Today Facebook has over 1Billion users. Of that 1Billion, 500 million log in everyday. Over 800 million people have a YouTube account. YouTube has over 4,000,000,000 views every day. The simple fact of the matter is, if the world is online, we must have an online presence. 

To accomplish our goals of being a beacon  in our world, our internet presence is key. We will offer our community the opportunity to hear the Word of God that will transform their lives in a non evasive way in their home! Not only our community but we have heard reports from Europe, Ghana, and Kenya that are already listening and being encouraged by our Beta video stream and Podcasts.
We have the opportunity and mandate to deliver this life changing message of the Gospel to the WORLD.
We have hundreds of hits every month on our website from individuals who are searching for a local church. We have the mandate to reach these individuals. And we will with our increased web presence.