Cecil County Smash Bros Tournament Rules

Tournament rules (Wii U)

  • Tournament will be 1v1, double elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches. 

  • 2 stock, 6 min time limit.

  • No items

  • No custom characters and no Miis

  • No custom moves

  • All DLC characters are allowed (except Miis)

  • No Amiibos

  • Batteries must be removed from controllers when not in play (bring your own controller and mark your name on it. We will not be responsible for lost controllers).  We will have GameCube controller adapters.

  • No Wii U game pads

  • 3DS and 2DS as controllers are permitted

  • No cursing or unruly conduct (unruly players will be disqualified from play)

  • No pausing (players that pause are subject to lose a stock at the officials discretion)

  • Players must report to the game station on time for their match or will forfeit the match. (Matches will be announced throughout the night from official table) 

  • Stage selection rules (although players may play any stage they agree on):

Stage Strike from Neutrals for the first match of the set:

First player strikes one stage. Second player strikes one stage.


Final Destination


Town & City
Lylat Cruise
Suzaku Castle
Delfino Plaza
Duck Hunt
Castle Siege

(No Omega unless agreed upon by both players)

After each match:
Winner announces stage ban
Loser chooses counterpick stage (or neutral)
Winner chooses their character
Loser chooses their character


Tournament rules (Project M)

  • Game Settings: 4 Stocks, 8 Minute Time Limit, Best 2 out of 3 Games. 
  • Items are disabled.
  • Input buffer is disabled
  • All chain grabs and infinites are legal
  • Pause option is disabled in the game menu. If left on, accidental pausing mid match forfeits a stock.
  • You may not choose the last stage you have won on during a set, unless agreed by both players.
  • If time runs outs, the tie is determined by most stocks, and then if still tied, by percentage. If percentage is tied, a 1 stock, 3 minute match is played.
  • Playing as Giga Bowser is banned

Stage List

Starter Stages
Pokemon Stadium 2
Green Hill Zone
Yoshi’s Story (Melee) [Singles Only]

Counter-Pick Stages
Final Destination
Dreamland (64)
Fountain of Dreams
Wario Land
Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)

Tickets are also available at the door (cash only at the door).

Questions regarding rules? Submit questions here:

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