CREW Leadership Team

We are so glad you are interested in being a part of CREW Youth! CREW exists to make an eternal difference in the lives of teenagers. You can be a part of it. 

Take a moment to fill out the Youth Leader application below.

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After spending time in prayer and discussing with my family and friends the commitment involved with being an adult volunteer youth worker, I choose to commit to the following: • I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have a personal relationship with him. • I am committed toward growing and maturing my relationship with God through personal devotions, active and regular attendance at Five Rivers Church, personal times of worship, tithing, and involvement in accountability. • I am committed to choices and a lifestyle that are both godly and “above reproach” knowing that my lifestyle is a model for the students that I serve. • I am making a commitment to CREW Youth for one year. • I will attend youth meetings and will make a committed attempt to attend staff meetings, retreats and seminars. • I understand, agree, and will work hard to fulfill the purposes and vision of CREW Youth and this youth leadership team. • I am committed to releasing back to God my time and energy as an act of worship, trust and obedience to God. • Because I am making a significant commitment and my presence is important, I agree to be consistent and timely in my responsibilities. I also agree to communicate with the leadership and the appropriate students if I will be absent. • I am committed to praying for the students and leaders at this youth group and my involvement in it.